Ein Heldenleben: Tone Poem for Orchestra, Op. 40

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Ein Heldenleben: Tone Poem for Orchestra, Op. 40
One of the twentieth century's most celebrated composers, Richard Strauss created a series of tone poems that belong to the standard repertoire of almost every symphony orchestra in the world: Don Juan, Till Eulenspiegel, Don Quixote, and this work, Ein Heldenleben. At the center of the story stands Strauss himself, in a thinly disguised self-portrait of a besieged composer who goes to war with the music critics. Ein Heldenleben calls for a huge orchestra, including eight horns, five trumpets, quadruple woodwinds, and a powerful complement of percussion and strings. Unabridged republication of the edition originally published by F.E.C. Leuckart, Leipzig.

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Author: Strauss
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Format: Book
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ISBN 13: 9780486424415

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