The Universal Penman

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The Universal Penman
The only complete edition of one of the most famous books of commercial art ever printed. Each double page spread contains a sample of intricate and beautiful calligraphic text, usually on a morally improving or educational subject on the left hand plate, and a similar text to the right topped with a pictorial sample. Noted engraver and calligrapher, George Bickham first complied this classic work in the 1740's from the best specimens of twenty four of the leading calligraphers of his day. This edition includes every plate Bickham engraved - a classic collection of calligraphic art.
There are over 125 pictorial scenes, clear copper plates of drinking scenes, family scenes and rustic festivities. Over 200 script pictures, 19 complete alphabets, round hand, round text and Old English. There are hundreds of lettered specimens overlaid with fine flourishes, swirls, spirals, feathering and volutes. Also included are 100 panels, frames, and cartouches.

Plates and subjects include: The ill Effects of Tyranny - image of a martyr being put to the flames, A Huntsman to his Uncle - stunning calligraphic work, Truth - the emblem of truth personified, Advice to Young Tradesmen - in a shell cartouche, A Bill of Debt, Commerce, The Golden Mean, Liberty, Honour, Frugality - most commonly practised in old age, "How to get riches", Covetousness, The kings Custom House Explained - with the classic lion and unicorn heraldic royal crest, Select observations on marriage.
This is a high quality facsimile of Bickhams collection and perfect for reproduction, as a sample, use in teaching lettering and for illustration.

Illustrations: 212 facsimiles of the original plates
Author: Bickham
Size: 229 x 349 mm
Format: Large format paperback
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486206165
ISBN 10: 0486206165

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