Ready-to-Use Old-Fashioned Sports Illustrations

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Ready-to-Use Old-Fashioned Sports Illustrations
Old time illustrations of Victorian sportsmen and women back when long trousers and long dresses were considered sporting outfits. Selected from rare and authentic sources the following sports are among the many included in this comprehensive archive: football, tennis, golf, cricket, fencing, billiards, swimming, boating, baseball, shooting, archery, hunting, skating, skiing, horse riding, polo and sledding.
Also includes rugby, card games, wrestling, weights, boxing, cycling, punting, horse racing and almost all the sporting and leisure pursuits of the Victorian to Edwardian periods. Great archive with lots of historic engravings, rich with visual (and comic!) potential. 

Illustrations: 467 old fashioned black and white images.
Author: Carol Grafton
Size: 210 x 279 mm
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486257761
ISBN 10: 0486257762

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