Handbook of Ornament

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Handbook of Ornament
Detailed and comprehensive, these illustrations form the largest single volume of classical art motifs ever compiled. Periods covered include Greek and Roman, medieval, Islamic, Renaissance, baroque, early 19th century art, architecture and design - a vast selection of different motifs and illustrations.

Classical acanthus leaf, jugs and vases from antiquity, repeat patterns, architectural ornament of all kinds, furniture, jewelry, shields, lettering, plant and animal figures, natural forms, grotesques, bas reliefs, interlacements, keys, clocks, hinges, brackets, mirrors - the whole range of interior furniture and ornamentation redrawn to provide a resource for permission-free use.

A carefully organised selection from an authentic and important Nineteenth Century European source.

Illustrations: 3002 illustrations 
Author: Meyer
Size: 137 x 216 mm
Format: Paperback Book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486203027
ISBN 10: 0486203026

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