Haeckels Art Forms from the Ocean CD-ROM and Book

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Haeckels Art Forms from the Ocean CD-ROM and Book
The tiny single-celled organisms known as radiolarians (or radiolaria) develop beautiful, intricate mineral skeletons that cover ocean floors throughout the world. Drawings of these microscopic life forms offer a rare and distinctive variety of artwork. Based on German biologist/artist Ernst Haeckel's hard-to-find 1862 atlas of these seldom-seen creatures, this book and CD-ROM set presents a wealth of striking design options. 357 images in total.
Image File Information: Includes 357 full-colour and black-and-white illustrations saved in high-quality JPEG formats.

Illustrations: 357 royalty-free images
Author: Ernst Haeckel
Size: A4
Format: Paperback with CD
Copyright: Permission free

ISBN 13: 9780486991177
ISBN 10: 0486991172

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