Dover Digital Design Source #3: Classic Floral Designs

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Dover Digital Design Source #3: Classic Floral Designs
Selected from two Victorian encyclopedias, these images are highly detailed and botanically accurate engraved drawings of hundreds of different plant species. The clear, precise images are presented on a plain white background.
Images include: trees, flowers, bulbs, aquatic and climbing plants, leaf detail, stems, seed pods, evergreens, vines, bushes, herbs, perennials, orchids, funghi, fruit, pine cones. 
Species include: pinus, ilex, mimosa, epidendrum, ficus, laburnum, acer, berberis, campanula, tilia - around 300 species in total, fully indexed and with digital images on the disc.  

Illustrations: 319 black and white illustrations
Author: Dover Design Source
Size: A4 
Format: Paperback / CD
Copyright: Permission Free / royalty free 

ISBN 13: 9780486990637
ISBN 10: 048699063x

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