Classic Anatomical Illustrations

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Classic Anatomical Illustrations
A unique compendium of the engravings and woodcuts of five major world artists who contributed to the understanding of the human body through art. Ideal art reference and as an aid to teaching the history of anatomy.
Andreas Vesalius (1514 - 1564) Depictions of the anatomised body as a living body showing muscles, vessels, nerves, bones of the thorax and hand, male and female nudes.
Bernard Siegfried Albinus (1697 - 1770) - finely drawn standing skeletons, clear pictures of skulls, the spine and the ribcage, individual bones, partially stripped bodies standing in landscapes, bones of the feet - some of the most extraordinary anatomical images ever created.
Leonardo da Vinci (1452 -1519) - images from the notebooks including the classic embroyology images, and diagram of human proportions (man in circle).
Pietro Da Cortona (1596 - 1669) - haunting and dark standing figures. Diagram of bones.
Bartolommeo Eustachius (1520? - 1574). - nerves, brain, spinal column, standing figures.

Fusing science and art, the magnificently detailed anatomical illustrations of da Vinci, Eustachius, Vesalius, Albinus, and da Cortona have provided unsurpassed appreciation and understanding of the human body. Here, in one awe-inspiring treasury, are their timeless renderings of muscles, skeletons, nervous systems, and much more. Over 130 arresting black-and-white illustrations.

Illustrations: 130 engravings
Author: Vesalius, Albinus, Leonardo and others
Size: A4
Format: pbk
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486461625
ISBN 10: 0486461629

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