Book of Old-Time Trades and Tools

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Book of Old-Time Trades and Tools
Published in the 1860's as an instructive text on the importance, dignity, and techniques of labour, this primer to Victorian-era crafts and trades provides valuable insights on the period's working class culture. Packed with images of Victorian era tools, it includes detailed information on the work of tailors, shoemakers, bakers, millers, sugar refiners, and 28 other tradespeople.
More than 700 illustrations from an 1866 Victorian original.
Images include: grinding, a farriers shed, gas fitters at work, furnaces, printing, casting lead, a carpenters shop, a water mill, weaving by hand, dipping copper, winching, punching and many more contemporary scenes. 

Illustrations: More than 700 illustrations engraved / black and white.
Author: "Anonymous"
Size: 212 x 140 mm
Format: Paperback
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486443423
ISBN 10: 0486443426

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