Animals in Motion

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Animals in Motion
High quality hardback edition of the work of Eadweard Muybridge - one of the greats of Nineteenth Century photography and the innovator of the photographic "freeze-frame" motion sequence.
These are the plates featuring animals - 34 species in all from the iconic images of the horse to big cats and birds in flight - in a wide variety of poses and actions - walking, trotting, turning, running, leaping, and flying. Each of the 183 plates has numerous frames picturing the animal in each stage of the motion, generally against a grid background to aid in recreating proportion.

These sequences have been of use to animators, illustrators, film makers, sculptors, and artists for over a hundred years. 

 183 black and white plates, over 400 individual motion frames.
Author: Eadweard Muybridge
Size: 200 x 270 mm
Format: Hardback Book/clothbound
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486202037
ISBN 10: 0486202038

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