3800 Early Advertising Cuts

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3800 Early Advertising Cuts
Classic collection of late 19th-century and late 20th-century advertising art. This is one of our most popular and comprehensive source books. Finely detailed line art illustrations including: plants, animals, birds and insects, men, women, children, food and drink, transportation, architecture, trade cuts, military, and goods and merchandise. In addition a large section is devoted to headpieces, tailpieces, ornaments, mortised cuts and banners.
This is a classic sourcebook and has been in use by artists and designers for decades. Its is crammed with useable black and white engravings of hundreds of objects people and scenes. Recommended!

Images include: Statue of liberty, bicycles, stamps, a page of crowns, fleur de lys, sun moon and stars, pipes and tobacco, pocket watches, barrels, bottles, balloons, gramophones, snooker tables, guns, clowns, card suit symbols, fairground, eyes, faces, masks, hair, medical, knives, spoons, sewing machines, Victorian furniture, pages of shoes, umberellas, hats, farming and trades, printers ornaments and elaborate headers for menus and lists, music and dance engravings, sports, food and wine and many more.

Illustrations: 3800 detailed authentic engravings
Author: Deberny Type Foundry
Size: 238 x 311 mm 
Format: Large format paperback book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486266589
ISBN 10:  0486266583

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