Wrought Iron in Architecture

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Wrought Iron in Architecture
NB: This is used copy of this rare photographic survey of wrought iron work. The original book is no longer in print. The used copy is in very good condition with all contents unmarked and a sound binding. 
Classic survey of the art of wrought iron work in architectural settings: from the publishers description: "....documents the many uses and ingenious adaptations of wrought iron in architecture, with numerous examples from the fourteenth century through the twentieth centuries. Gerald Geerlings' extensive introduction details the properties of wrought iron; its textures; tools and terms of the trade; architectural applications, design, motifs, and ornamentation; economic considerations; finishing; and more.....Carefully researched surveys of the craft in several countries, including Italy, Spain, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, and America.Nearly 400 illustrations, including 73 clear drawings and 307 sharply focused photographs of gates, railings, screens, lighting fixtures, banisters, balconies, door knockers, and other objects, chronicle the evolution of wrought iron as both a structural and decorative material.

Illustrations: 400 illustrations
Author: Gerald K.Geerlings
Size: A4
Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9780486245355
ISBN 10: 0486245357

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