Women : A Pictorial Archive From Nineteenth-Century Sources

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Women : A Pictorial Archive From Nineteenth-Century Sources
A superb collection of woodcuts portraying women in a very wide range of costumes, poses and occupations. 
Women at work: blacksmiths, photographers, circus performers, ballerinas, farmers, needleworkers, nurses, maids, cleaning ladies, women working in factories, working at the loom and spinning wheel, hammering, selling flowers, advertising Victoriana and products, performing scientific experiments. 
Women at play: riding, bicycling, dancing, reading, golfing, playing tennis, skipping rope, fencing, ice skating, drawing, kissing and flirting, playing the guitar, flute, violin.
Women as wives and homemakers: brides, pregnant women, cooking, caring for children, churning buitter, sweeping, washing clothes.
Women from exotic places and ancient times: Arabia, Egypt, Medieval, Elizabethan and mythological women. 
Women as goddesses, mermaids, angels, warriors, muses. Statues of the female form.

One of our most popular sourcebooks, great for Victoriana, historical scenes and as art reference. Clear detail in the pictures as well as romance, beauty and comedy with some surreal and unusual imagery.

Illustrations: 488 engravings illustrations and woodcuts.
Author: Jim Harter
Size: 229 mm x 305 mm
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486237039
ISBN 10: 0486237036

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