Wizards and Dragons Tattoo Flash CD-ROM and Book

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Wizards and Dragons Tattoo Flash CD-ROM and Book
Perfect for tattoos, body art or for a host of arts and crafts projects this is a collection of 119 different illustrations of spell-casting wizards and ferocious dragons. Images are in both black and white and full colour, and include: Asian and Western dragon  motifs and traditional designs, warriors fighting dragons, dragons on clouds and with crystal balls, dragons with princesses, moderns styles, caped wizards casting spells, with wands and staffs, and with dragons themselves.

Illustrations: 120 illustrations in colour and black and white. 
Author: Alan Weller
Size: A4
Format: Paperback with CD
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486990514
ISBN 10: 0486990516

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