Victorian Floral Illustrations

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Victorian Floral Illustrations
Visually compellling and highly detailed Victorian era engravings of flowers and plants.
344 handsome and botanically accurate wood engravings from two notable botanical classics: Paxton's Flower Garden by John Lindley and Sir Joseph Paxton, 185053; and The Natural History of Plants: Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction, and Distribution by Anton Kerner von Marilaun and F. W. Oliver, 1902.
Illustrations include exquisitely detailed renderings of flowers and other plant features of exotic specimens from around the world: passionflower, baobab, spider lily, hop, quaking grass, mourning cypress, American mangrove, wayfaring tree, Christmas rose, Indian rhododendron, false indigo, winged pea, Persian walnut. cat's-claw mimosa, Bhutan cypress - a broad spectrum of plant forms: trees, shrubs, aquatic and climbing plants, evergreens, vines, brushes, herbs, various perennials, and others. Orchids are especially well represented.
Each illustration is accompanied by an identifying caption that provides the scientific name and a brief description of the plant, its native region, and if it is a flower, the colour of the blossoms. Ideal for reproduction. All illlustrations are royalty-free; no prior permission or fee is required for their use.

344 engravings
Author: Grafton
Size: A4
Format: Pbk Book
Copyright: Permission Free

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ISBN 10: 0486248224

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