This Way Madness Lies : The Asylum and Beyond

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This Way Madness Lies : The Asylum and Beyond

Fascinating and comprehensive visual history of mental illness.
The images cover both early paintings and illustrations of madness, through to early photography, contemporary reportage, architecture, the history of psychiatry, film and cinema posters and ephemera, Nazi propaganda, images of pharmaceuticals and posters promoting them, and the work of major artists suffering from a range of conditions such as the "outsider" art of illustrators William Kurelek and Adolf Wolfli.
This excellent survey covers hundreds of well known and lesser known historic images, in colour and black and white, over 250 pages. 

 over 600 illustrations.
Author: Mike Jay. 
Size: 186 mm x 287 mm
Format: Hardback
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780500518977

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