The Revolution Betrayed

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The Revolution Betrayed
One of Marxism's most important texts, The Revolution Betrayed explores the fate of the Russian revolution after Lenin's death. Written in 1936 and published the following year, this brilliant and profound evaluation of Stalinism from the Marxist standpoint prophesied the collapse of the Soviet Union. Trotsky employs facts, figures, and statistics to show how Stalinist policies rejected the enormous productive potential of the nationalized planned economy engendered by the October Revolution. Instead, a privileged bureaucratic social caste seized power and promoted a wasteful and corrupt bureaucratic system that ultimately self-destructed. This insider's view of what went wrong will fascinate readers of every political persuasion. Unabridged republication of the classic 1937 edition.

Author: Trotsky
ISBN 13: 9780486433981

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