The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic : An Illustrated History

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The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic : An Illustrated History
A pictorial history of esoteric knowledge. 
Illustrated subjects include: Atrology, divination, wands, amulets, folk magic, the hermetic tradition, voodoo, shamanism, chiromancy spells, kabbalah, tarot, spiritualism, runes, ritual, wicca, magical creatures, theosophy, druids, talismans, Jewish mysticism, chaos magic, phantasmagoria, mesmerism, alchemy, arthurian magic, demonology, grimoires, necromancy and magical places. 
Much of the great historic art on the subject is to be found in this colourful and wide ranging survey.

Illustrations: Highly illustrated over 400 pages. A mixture of engravings, illustrations, paintings and photographs.
Author: Christopher Dell
Size: 210mm x 265mm
Format: Hardback Book

ISBN 13: 9780500518885

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