The Italian Comedy

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The Italian Comedy
This is one of the most important books written on the development of the Italian commedia dell'arte. Originally published in 1927, this republication brings Duchartre's account back into print along with the 200 drawings and photographs it originally contained.

This edition also includes a pictorial supplement containing 35 plates from the 'Recueil Fossard'- a rare collection of 16th century engravings- and 8 plates from 'Compositions de Rhetorique de M.don Arlequin', which gives a rare view of Harlequin during the Renaissance. An excellent source for depictions of Punch, the Doctor, the Captain, Pantaloon and Brighella.

Illustrations: 217 - drawings and photographs. 
Author: Pierre Louis Duchartre
Size: A4
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Copyright Reserved

ISBN 13: 9780486216799

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