The Dore Illustrations for Dantes Divine Comedy

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The Dore Illustrations for Dantes Divine Comedy
From the entire collection of his own work, a vast output, these Illustrations from Dante were Dore's own favourites. The illustrators wildly imaginative style is really given free reign, from the depths of hell to the crystalline upper circles of heaven. This is an extraordinary range of fantastic engravings, highlights including: Charon and the River Acheron, the infernal hurricane of the lustful souls, Paolo and Francesca, Cerberus, the Gluttons, the Styx, the burning graves, the incredible image of Farinata emerging from the tomb, suicides turned into trees, devils and seducers, hypocrites, thieves, transformation into snakes, heads breaking the ice as Dante and Virgil walk above, and hundreds of further extreme and beautiful re-imaginings of the poetry. Each plate is accompanied by the appropriate lines of the poem from the Longfellow translation.

Illustrations: 136
Author: Dore
Size: 229 x 305
Format: Book
Copyright: Permission Free
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ISBN 13: 9780486232317

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