The Disasters of War

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The Disasters of War
The horrors of the peninsular war between Spain and Napoleonic France are depicted in these scenes upon which Goya worked between 1810 and 1820. Published posthumously they show what would now be referred to as war crimes, a bearing witness to the worst excesses that this conflict generated.
Shocking and stark, the works are also deeply satirical, captioned as they are with ironic statements and loose phrases that strike a discordant note when set against the appalling acts that the artist frames. This is a profound and uneasy collection, but of remarkable value and insight. The most complete selection of this series available.

Illustrations: 83 plates
Author: Francisco Goya
Size: 238 x 210 mm
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486218724
ISBN 10: 0486218724

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