The Curves of Life

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The Curves of Life
A key text on the subject of spirals in art, science and nature. This fascinating and inspiring book links the fact that the spiral is at the heart of the structural design to be found in nature, to the fact that much of the creative work of humanity is underpinned by this form. Creative work such as ancient and tribal design, the work of Leonardo, architectural drawings and many other examples certainly show an expression of proportion that can be shown to be related to the 'golden section' - the fundamental mathematical expression of the spiral. All types of the form, the mathematics and the cultural uses of spirals are covered and related to natural forms such as the cochlea in the human ear or the shell of the Nautilus. 'The classic reference on how the golden ratio applies to spirals and helices in nature' - Martin Gardner.

Illustrations: 420
Author: Cook
Size: 137 x 216
Format: Book
Copyright: Copyright Reserved
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ISBN 13: 9780486237015

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