The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer

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The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer
A collection of over 300 great works by one of the masters of woodcut. Durers works are printed as full pages for the most part in this large format book, showing detail and the whole design. All the notable works are here, all his extant woodcuts such as the series on the Life of the Virgin, The Apocalypse of John (17 cuts), The Great Passion, St. Jerome in his Study, Samson Fighting the Lion, The Last Supper. 
This is also a scholarly edition with an introduction by Campbell Dodgson and a 34 page guide to the plates by Dr Willi Kurth, which discusses the evidence surrounding attribution and authenticity of each piece and gives a great deal of historical background to the cuts and the life and times. 
Sections include The Years of Apprenticeship at Nuremberg 1486 - 1490, Years of travel 1490 to 1494, Italian Journey and 1495 - 1500, the Life of the Virgin and Minor works 1500-1505, the classical period 1509-1512, work for the Emperor Maximilian 1512-1518 and the last works from 1520 - 1528.
Works include:
Brother Claus, The Penitent, Hercules, Martyrdom of the Ten thousand, the Holy family with Three Hares, Apocalypse, Three Nuns before a Crucifix, Six Knots, Adoration of the Magi, Madonna in a Circle, Triumphal Arch, Northern Hemisphere of the Celestial Globe (and other hemispheres), The Owl fighting the other birds, Tapestry of Michelfeld, The Armillary Sphere, Portrait of Eobanus Hesse, Illustrations to the Treatise on Proportion and hundreds more woodcuts, including Durer's work on the principles of proportion.

Illustrations: 346 woodcuts reprinted unaltered from the 1927 edition.
Author:  Albrecht Durer
Size: 216 x 311 mm
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486210971
ISBN 10: 0486210979

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