The Civil War: A Concise History and Picture Sourcebook

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The Civil War: A Concise History and Picture Sourcebook
More than 175 rare illustrations, selected from Harper's Weekly, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, and other periodicals of the Civil War period capture the sweeping drama of the conflict as sketched by artists at the scene as the momentous events unfolded. Includes detailed renderings of opening shots fired upon Fort Sumter in 1861, the battles of Bull Run and Gettysburg, the fall of Vicksburg to Grant's overland campaign, Sherman's destruction of Atlanta, and the Confederate surrender at Appomattox in 1865, among other significant scenes. Informative captions accompany permission-free illustrations that will be welcomed by commercial artists and treasured by Civil War buffs. 177 black-and-white illustrations with captions.

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Author: Grafton
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ISBN 13: 9780486423067

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