The Art of Tarot Cards CD-ROM and Book

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The Art of Tarot Cards CD-ROM and Book
Nearly fifty pages of 790 Tarot card designs / images in this book and CD set. 
A series of ten complete decks are shown in full colour and with high quality reproduction
The full decks are :
Le Minichiate Fiorentine : suns and moons, strange animals, mythological creatures.
The Tarocco Italiano : Kings and Queens, devil, skeleton with a scythe.
The Classic Tarot: strong colours and the characteristic cups cards. 
I Tarocchi Dei Visconti : superb early set with two dimensional feel, decorative wands and courtiers.
The Waite Smith Tarot: graphically strong and iconic modern set with strong blues and yellows.
I Tarocchi Del Mantegna: black ink on aged paper, this early set is uncoloured and based on the human figure.
The Knapp Hall Tarot: Illustrator of occult subjects Augustus J Knapp illustrated this early Twentieth Century collection, researched by Manley Hall.
Il Tarocco Di Besancon: woodblock images with colouration - strong continental feel. 
Ancient Tarot of Lombardy : Delicate images with similarities to the Minichiate Fiorentine.
The Bolognese Tarot : Powerful coloured woodblock cards. 
Gummpenberg Tarot : Clear woodblock pictures, neatly coloured.  

Images: 300 DPI Jpegs

Illustrations: 790 tarot designs
Author: Alan Weller
Size: A4
Format: Paperback with CD
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486990859
ISBN 10: 0486990850

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