The Art of Illumination

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The Art of Illumination
Collection of images of richly coloured and illuminated manuscripts from sacred texts. Texts from Jewish, Christian and Islamic sources, these are page layouts from original works from the Middle Ages - printed in full colour with all digitised images available on the disc. Images include: lettering of many kinds, animal imagery, Kings and soldiers, delicate floral and natural borders, Biblical scenes, Islamic patterns, letter forms, monks and scribes. 
Sources range from Kufic calligraphy, Biblical drawings, the first Bible of Karl the Bald, Specimen from the Sowlehele in the Bodleian Library, Part of the Hungarian Book of Judges, the Psalter of King Athelstan and hundreds more original and rare resources from the museums of the world. 

Illustrations: 157 jpegs, 29 colour gifs, 28 EPS vectors, plus additional jpegs
Author: Alan Weller
Size: 210 x 242 mm
Format: Paperback with CD
Copyright: permission free

ISBN 13: 9780486990453
ISBN 10: 0486990451

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