Tattoo Art plus CD Rom

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Tattoo Art plus CD Rom
Two hundred illustrations that showcase the ornamental art form and represent authentic styles - Japanese, Polynesian, Tribal, Mehndi, flash and more. A superb array of body art designs from authentic original sources, with images ranging from stylized birds and animals to head-to-toe abstracts - a resource for tattooists and artists in general.
Includes: Maori tribal elders with full face designs, "old fashioned" western tattoo styles, such as sailors tattoos, birds, banners and traveller tattoos from nineteenth and early twentieth sources, images of picts with blue inked full-body work, Polynesian tattooing taking place, images engraved of tribal people by early settlers, and Japanese designs.
Illustrations include : Samurai, Maori, early flash by Ralph Johnson 1950s, flash by Owen Jensen 1920's, flash - Dainty Dotty 1940s, Chinese Indigo, Marquesan warrior, Asian dragons, Tupinamba, Suikoden hero, flash by Tom Berg 1910, Tahitians, Hawaiians, South Pacific Islanders, Virginians, Inuit desigsn, Peruvian animal designs, masks, monsters, and much more!  

On the CD: 152 jpegs, 63 hgh res gifs, 35 b/w 1200 dpi TIFFs, 71 scaleable vectors, and 72 net ready jpegs. Books is a full colour image browser.  

Illustrations: Dover
Author: 200 illustrations
Size: 8 x 10
Format: pbk with CD
Copyright: Permission Free
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ISBN 13: 9780486990293

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