Symphony No. 6 in A Minor

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Symphony No. 6 in A Minor
The appearance of this work brings Dover's miniature-score library of the nine Mahler symphonies to near completion; only Symphony No. 7 remains to be published. Dating from the composer's prolific period of 1903-4 and following Mahler's marriage to Alma Schindler by just a year, the draft of this remarkable work--subtitled 'Tragic'--is represented by 28 current recordings. The symphony incorporates 'portraits' of Alma in the first movement and of children playing in a diabolical Scherzo--a musical prediction, some say, of the tragedy that was to strike the Mahler family within three years.

Illustrations: -
Author: Mahler
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Format: Music Scores
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ISBN 13: 9780486428550

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