Symbols, Signs and Signets

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Symbols, Signs and Signets
1355 signs, seals and symbols from a wide range of historical sources. Devices from the ancient world and heraldry, to modern cattle brands and hobo sign language!
Thirteen sections include: Symbolic Gods and Deities ( Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Germanic, Incan, Aztec, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist), Astronomy and Astrology, Alchemy, Mystical, Magic, (Nordic Runes and Sacred Geometry), Church and Religion, Heraldic, Monsters and imaginary figures, Japanese Crests, Marks and Signets (engravers, stonemasons, armorers), Watermarks, Printers Marks, contemporary.
All have the clear reproduction you would expect from a Dover edition, and a short introductory note accompanies each section. A superb source of design inspiration and authentic reference.

Illustrations: 1355 images
Author: Ernst Lehner
Size: 206 mm x 279 mm
Format: Paperback Book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486222417
ISBN 10: 0486222411

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