Shamans and Shamanism

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Shamans and Shamanism
Incomparable in its fullness and breadth of perspective, this survey compares the development of the shaman, or medicine man, among tribal societies. A go-between for man and the spirit world, the shaman helps explain and resolve issues surrounding misfortunes, calamities, bodily ailments, and death. In drawing from tribal societies around the world--from Australian Aborigines to Zulus--the author discusses causes (ill winds, evils spirits, taboo infringements) and cures (exorcism, charms, enchanted drinks). Also examined: the social position and functions of the shaman, methodology, and the perils of failure and rewards of success. A classic of the genre, this study will appeal to students of tribal societies, New Age advocates and anyone interested in the practics of shamanism as an alternative spiritual path.

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Author: Maddox
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ISBN 13: 9780486427072

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