Secrets of Good Design for Artists, Artisans and Crafters

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Secrets of Good Design for Artists, Artisans and Crafters
Practical and aesthetically pleasing, this visual meditation on the constituents of good design considers all manner of construction, form, and ornamentation. It answers many questions about design choices, from basic to specific, with clear, concise, and practical directions. The book's appeal lies chiefly in the integrity of its own design, consisting of hand-lettered text and pleasingly styled and proportioned illustrations. Author Burl N. Osburn addresses basic questions - What are the qualities of good design, and how does balance affect design? What is good proportion, and how is ornament used? - and explores design choices in a variety of expressions. Featured arts and crafts include the use of wrought iron, methods of cutting wood, the decoration of clay and leather, the basic textile structures, the nature of the tapestry weave and design of block-printed textile, the development of repeat pattern and the geometry of repeating ornament, and attaining typographic unity. Students learn to analyze a project's requirements, draw up specifications, and design the final product. A valuable guide for teachers and students, this volume also constitutes a practical resource for professional and amateur artists and crafters. Reprint of Constructive Design, Bruce Publishing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1948.

Illustrations: Profusely illustrated
Author: Osburn
Size: large format
Format: pbk
ISBN 13: 9780486480411

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