Scroll Ornaments of the Early Victorian Period

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Scroll Ornaments of the Early Victorian Period
This work was a standard reference for the Victorian craftsman engaged in any activity that required the skill of the engraver. These intricate and fantastic designs are a superb source of images for highly detailed work especially lending themselves to jewellery, bookplates, ornamentation, and borders.
Themes and images include rolling and intricate scroll work of all kinds, borders filled with fruit and game, florid friezes with classical and heroic themes, complex ironwork, grotesque faces, hunting scenes, flowers, vines, leaves and tendrils, mirror frames, interior motifs such as column tops and shelf supports. Fulsome, rich and extravagant images.

Illustrations: 71 large engravings - black and white.
Author: F. Knight
Size: 203mm x 279mm
Format: Paperback book
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486235967
ISBN 10: 0486235963

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