Scientific Instruments and Apparatus CD-ROM and Book

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Scientific Instruments and Apparatus CD-ROM and Book
Selected from hard-to-find 19th-century sources, these black-and-white engravings cover the entire spectrum of scientific study.

Featured items include prisms, gyroscopes, barometers, pendulums, pneumatic machines, astrolabes, telescopes, microscopes, and many other instruments.
Early electrical experiments, crystals, clock mechanisms, gears, incandescent lights and bulbs, early electric motors, Ben Franklin with a kite, testing electrical impulses on frogs legs, batteries, magnets, cameras and alchemists.
With 436 images to choose from, this collection offers a wealth of distinctive illustrations.

Illustrations: 436 high quality authentic engravings.
Author: Harter
Size: A4
Format: pbk with CD including images.
Copyright: Permission Free
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