Sacajawea: Guide and Interpreter of Lewis and Clark

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Sacajawea: Guide and Interpreter of Lewis and Clark
This remarkable study rescues from undeserved obscurity the name and reputation of Sacajawea a true Native American heroine. The volume also unravels the tangled threads of her family life and traces the career of her son Baptiste (the 'papoose' of the Lewis and Clark expedition). It also describes her personal traits, the significant services she rendered during the expedition and while she acted as counselor to her own people, discloses the true meaning of her name and describes her 'lost years' among the Comanches. The text is enhanced with 21 illustrations, including a map, and 6 appendices containing testimonies by Indian agents, missionaries, teachers, and Shoshone tribespeople. Unabridged republication, originally published in 1933. Bibliography. Index.

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Author: Hebard
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ISBN 13: 9780486421490

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