Rain Forest Coloring Book

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Rain Forest Coloring Book
44 full page drawings of the World's rain forests, featuring hundreds of animals species, different habitats and flora. The book begins with a world map showing the rain forest coverage areas, then a visual guide to the layers of the forest canopy. Then there are animals in different and realistic environments : gorillas, armadillos, bats, squirrel monkeys, bee hummingbirds, the emerald tree boa, Cuvier toucan, mandrill, howler monkey, chameleon, great hornbill, ocelot, orangutan, spectacled caiman - and plants from the stilt palm, eucalyptus, dwarf glory lily and many more. Full scientifically accurate captions with each image. 

Illustrations: 44 full page drawings. 
Author: Annika Bernhard
Size: A4
Format: Colouring Books

ISBN 13: 9780486401126
ISBN 10: 048640112x

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