Psychology of the Unconscious

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Psychology of the Unconscious
In this, his most famous and influential work, Carl Gustav Jung made a dramatic break with the Freudian psychoanalytic tradition. Rather than focusing on psychopathology and its symptoms, the Swiss psychiatrist studied dreams, mythology, and literature to define the universal patterns of the psyche. In Psychology of the Unconscious, Jung seeks a symbolic meaning and purpose behind a given set of symptoms, placing them within the larger context of the psyche. The book examines the fantasies of a patient whose poetic and vivid mental images helped Jung redefine libido as psychic energy, arising from the unconscious and manifesting itself consciously in symbolic form. Jung's commentary on his patient's fantasies offers a complex study of symbolic psychiatry, and it foreshadows his development of the theory of collective unconscious and its constituents, the archetypes. Dover's edition of this milestone of psychology will be the lowest-priced edition now available. Unabridged republication of the 1947 printing o

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