Popular Tales from Norse Mythology

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Popular Tales from Norse Mythology
Full of giants, trolls, heroes, and beautiful princesses, these 42 folktales include such favorites as 'Dapplegrim,' 'Tatterhood,' 'Katie Woodencloak,' and 'Soria Moria Castle,' plus many less known, such as 'The Werewolf,' 'Such Women Are,' 'The Three Dogs,' 'Temptations,' 'King Gram,' 'The Magician's Pupil,' 'Legend of Tannhauser,' 'The Outlaw,' 'Toller's Neighbors,' 'The Widow's Son,' 'The Three Sisters Trapped in a Mountain,' and 'The Goatherd' (the origin of Washington Irving's story of Rip van Winkle). The volume also includes instructive variants of the same story, such as 'The Blue Belt' and 'The Blue Riband,' and 'The Seven Ravens' and 'The Twelve White Peacocks.' Another plus is a substantial critical introduction by the author.

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