Pallisers New Cottage Homes

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Pallisers New Cottage Homes
Meticulous reproduction of the now-rare catalog--originally issued in 1887--includes 250 charming designs for everything from a four-room beach house to a four-bedroom country home with library and indoor bathroom. A charming piece of period literature that will delight lovers of American Victoriana and be invaluable to architectural historians, preservationists, and restorers of older homes. Includes 1,500 detailed drawings of floor plans, elevations, perspective views, architectural details, and interior ornamentation; designs for villas, farmhouses, town and country places, summer and winter resorts, farm barns, stables and carriage houses, and city brick block houses; and fine-lined illustrations of windows, eaves, and other architectural elements.

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Author: Palliser & Co.
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Format: Book
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ISBN 13: 9780486428161

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