Norse Mythology: Great Stories from the Eddas

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Norse Mythology: Great Stories from the Eddas
Rooted in an oral tradition, fantastic sagas of Norse mythology found their way into print seven centuries ago, in documents known as the Eddas. This volume presents witty and imaginative retellings of 17 of these ancient tales, ranging from the creation of the world to the death of the gods and the world's destruction. Included are Odin's trip to Mimer in search of knowledge, the making of Thor's hammer, the loss of Idun's wondrous apples, and the task of securing the dreaded Fenris-wolf. Brimming with fantasy and authentic Nordic flavor, these legends offer a wonderful sampling of the ancient Icelandic artistry of storytelling.

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Author: Mabie
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ISBN 13: 9780486420820

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