Native American Tales

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Native American Tales
More than thirty stories from a variety of Native American sources covering creation myths, hero tales, and trickster stories, as well as tales of little people, giants, and monsters, and of magic, enchantment, sorcery, and the spirit world. Included are 'The White Stone Canoe' (Chippewa), 'Raven Pretends to Build a Canoe' (Tsimhian), 'The Theft from the Sun' (Blackfoot), 'The Loon's Necklace' (Iroquois), 'The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting' (Cherokee), 'The Coyote' (Pueblo), 'The Origin of the Buffalo and of Corn' (Cheyenne), many more.

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Author: Macfarlan
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Format: Book
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ISBN 13: 9780486414768

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