Jost Ammans Renaissance Woodcuts CD-ROM and Book

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Jost Ammans Renaissance Woodcuts CD-ROM and Book
Illustrations of people at work, activities, animals, the figure of death, lovers, satyrs, this is a detailed collection of Amman's typical style of the individual figure or scene in a small woodcut - generally four such images per A4 page. Master of the woodcut from the 16th-century, this collection draws primarily upon Amman's most important works: Book of Trades and A Little Book of Art. More than 280 intricate images include knights, Turks, print makers, sensual women, mythological figures, peasants, clergymen, and many other unusual illustrations.
Trades and workers include: Stone mason, cloth shearer, coppersmith, crossbow maker, grinder, cooper, joiner, saddler, miner, mirror maker, jester and players of musical instruments. These give typical scenes of the workshops of the day with plenty of fascinating detail. 
Image File Information: disc includes more than 281 royalty-free images saved in JPEG format.

Illustrations: 280 royalty free images
Author: Jost Amman
Size: A4
Format: Paperback with CD
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486991191
ISBN 10: 0486991199

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