Islamic Geometric Patterns

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Islamic Geometric Patterns
Guide to the construction of Islamic patterns, ideal for creatives who wish to generate their own Islamic themed or geometric patterns. This visual guide take you through, step by step, from the basics of generating the design, working with squares, circles, hexagons and their combinations, through to the creation of far more complex geometric figures. Far from a simplistic method-only approach, this guide carefully references the patterns that underlie famous examples of Islamic art, from the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, to the patterns found in the Tomb of Itimad ud-Duala and the Alcazar and other world famous buildings.
Examples and themes are divided into three levels of difficulty with full construction lines and ideas carefully and visually explained. 

Illustrations: hundreds of illustrations over 132 pages.
Author: Eric Broug
Size: 180 mm x 246 mm
Format: paperback

ISBN 13: 9780500294680

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