Human Anatomy

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Human Anatomy
Colourful, grim and beautiful this is a wide collection of 250 colour (and black-and-white) examples of some of the finest and most influential examples of anatomical art ever published.
Scientifically accurate for their time, these images are based on observation and dissection and include some of the most famous classical anatomical art such as drawings and paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Vesalius, Albinus as well as a good selection of usable, rights free Victorian surgery, cut-away images of the body from many perspectives.  
Images of bones, muscles, organs, and tissues, the eye, the skull, the face, the brain, the structure of veins, the heart, lungs, other major organs, the spine, the bones in the hand and foot the human skeleton in general.
Also included are some images of Victorian period surgical procedures taking place, focusing on the body rather than the operating theatre scene. Accurate pictures throughout.
On the disc:
Files are included in multiple formats: JPEG, TIFF, and EPS vectors.
Image File Information: CD-ROM includes: . 216 high-resolution, profiled colour JPEG images for impeccable reproductions . 57 black-and-white, 1200-dpi, bit-mapped, print-ready TIFF versions . 49 vector-based EPS versions . 72 dpi, Internet-ready JPEG graphics. 

Illustrations: 250 colour and black and white illustrations 
Author: Dover
Size: 210 mm x 242 mm 
Format: Paperback with CD
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486991207
ISBN 10: 0486991202

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