Heck's Pictorial Archive of Nature and Science

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Heck's Pictorial Archive of Nature and Science
One of three volumes based on an original 1851 American edition of J. G. Heck's 'Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science, Literature and Art'. Over 170 plates, thousands of illustrations on multiple topics: mathematics, geometry, surveying, astronomy, planetary systems and positions; botanical, physical and meteorological illustrations; human anatomy and chemical apparatus; animals, minerals, fossils and geological formations. Table of contents included.
The engravings are very finely detailed - this is the essence of what many would understand as a typical Victorian Encyclopedia, filled with scientific subjects and arcane elements of botany, machines, animals in the wild, rocks,seeds, cross sections through moutains, weather events, dinosaurs, starmaps and islands. Also a useful resource for landscapes.

Illustrations: 176 plates, each containing from around five to fifty images/engravings. 
Author: J G Heck
Size: 238 x 311 mm
Format: Book - Paperback
Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 13: 9780486282916
ISBN 10: 0486282910

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