Greek Girl and Boy Paper Dolls

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Greek Girl and Boy Paper Dolls
This colorful paper doll collection demonstrates the varied and distinctive traditional costumes of Greece's many different geographical regions. Two dolls are accompanied by 32 costumes, among them brightly embroidered skirts, jackets, aprons, vests, and shirts from the mainland (Thrace, Macedonia, Athens, etc.) and the islands (Rhodes, Corfu, Crete and others). Also included are gowns and robes from the Classical era. This charming collection will appeal to paper doll fans, Greek-Americans, teachers, and anyone interested in Greek culture. Dover Original. 2 dolls on gatefold cover. 32 full-color costumes on 8 plates of light-weight stock.

Illustrations: -
Author: Green
Size: -
Format: Paper Dolls
Copyright: -
ISBN 13: 9780486423890

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