Great Scenes from the Old Testament

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Great Scenes from the Old Testament
Splendid Victorian images of Patriarchs and prophets, in fine detailed engravings. Each panel is 195mm x 162mm - large, clear and dramatic - each one depicts an iconic Biblical scene from the days of creation to the tower of Babel, the renewal of the covenant, Saul and Samuel at Endor, the Lord appearing to Elijah, and many more. Hundreds of figure drawings adorn these images, many dressed in folding draped cloth, the old and the young, battle scenes, temples, fire, serpents, Adam and Eve - a comprehensive archive by a master engraver.   

Illustrations: 160 copyright free illustrations. 
Author: Julius Schnorr Von Carolsfeld
Size: 230 x 230mm
Format: Paperback
Copyright: Permission free

ISBN 13: 9780486439495
ISBN 10: 0486439496

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