Graven Images : The Art of the Woodcut

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Graven Images : The Art of the Woodcut
A British Library visual and highly illustrated introduction to woodcuts of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Packed with  weird, wonderful, curious and original imagery - from strange sights and monsters, a "phantastik Age", damnable practices, drinking and carousing, murder and misfortune, wanton women and gallants - hundreds of dark, odd, political, historical images from this turbulent period. 
Images include: dogs, monkeys, mermaids, beggars, merchants, floods and plagues, religious controversies, early printed pamphlets and many more fascinating windows into the past. 

Illustrations: hundreds of original woodcuts
Author: Jon Crabb
Size: 155 mm x 220 mm 
Format: Hardback 

ISBN 13: 9780712356725

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