Gods of Ancient Egypt

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Gods of Ancient Egypt
The key Gods of Ancient Egypt are clearly pictured and described in this colouring book and teaching aid. Each page has an accurate design of the God and a facing page with information about the God, their myth and story, their role, hieroglyphs that apply to them, their symbols and key aspects. Images and descriptions include: 
Amun-Ra, Osiris with crook and flail, Isis, scarabs, pillars, the ankh, Horus surrounded by obelisks, Bes and Bastet and Aten with Nefertiti and Akhenaten. Well researched descriptions make this a unique visual resource for teaching and growing knowledge of the subject over 14 illustrations. 
Illustrations: 14 illustrations and facing text. 
Author: Bruce LaFontaine
Size: A4
Format: Paperback colouring Books

ISBN 13: 9780486420882
ISBN 10: 0486420884

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