Garden Flowers Iron-on Transfer Patterns

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Garden Flowers Iron-on Transfer Patterns
Copyright free floral designs - clear line art printed on treated transfer pattern paper which only requires the heat of iron to transfer the image to textile or fabric or other surfaces. Ideal for needlepoint and designs.  
There are 49 designs in total, ready to apply and start work. These include: 
A basket of flowers, Tulips, Geranium, Sweet William , Dahlia hybrid, grape hyacinth, zinnia, portulaca, gladiolus, hollyhock, aster, (scabious and sage), chrysanthemum, flax and gayfeather or blazing star, rose, crocus, marigold, daffodil. sweet pea, Lily of the Valley, Daisy, Tiger Lily, Anemone, Snapdragon, Chinese Lantern, Carnation, Nasturtium, Larkspur, Iris, Primrose and more : just ask for any specific image from this or any other book. 

Illustrations: 49 designs
Author: Claire Bryant
Size: A4 
Format: Paperback book. 
Copyright: Copyright free.

ISBN 13: 9780486259857
ISBN 10: 0486259854

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