Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume: 100 Engravings

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Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume: 100 Engravings
Seventeenth Century costumes in authentic contemporary engravings by a master Dutch engraver which show the styles and fashions of the period in wonderful detail.
They depict a wide range of social classes: royalty, courtesans, merchants, laborers, military officers and soldiers, ladies, gentlemen, and a host of other figures representing varied races and countries. A rare reference work with elegant, precise, and well-composed illustrations.
Engravings depict figures in scenic settings, peasants on rural roads, military figures outside castles, Pope Clemens XI, hunters with dogs, mariners at the harbour, Hussar, Polish and Gypsy figures and many more. 
Historial note: these plates are from the Neu-Eroffnete Welt-Galleria, 1703, from a collaboration with the German publisher and art dealer Christophe Weigel.

Illustrations: 100 detailed b/w engravings
Author: Caspar Luyken
Size: Large Format
Format: pbk
Copyright: Permission Free
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ISBN 10: 0486429865

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