Full Colour Old Time Vignettes CD Rom And Book

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Full Colour Old Time Vignettes CD Rom And Book
CD Rom and Book set. All images scanned at 600 dpi in six different file formats (TIFF, PICT, EPS, JPEG, GIF and BMP). A versatile selection of old Fashioned Victorian Vignettes with a wide variety of themes and uses. Themes include Animals, objects, people, merchandise of all kinds, food and drink, flowers and costume. The images are taken from the advertisements and scrapbooks of yesteryear, with that unique authentic vignette quality. Perfect period graphics for both serious and humorous uses with plenty of alarming dowager duchesses, seriously noble patriarchs, billiard tables and selections of cigars.

Illustrations: 392
Author: Dover
Size: 9x12
Format: CD ROM
Copyright: Permission Free
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ISBN 13: 9780486995403

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